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Baby belly shoot - a “well-rounded” affair

What every expectant mother's body does during pregnancy is enormous. The body changes, a new life grows. Pregnancy is a unique and unforgettable time in which women have a very special charisma - a charisma that should definitely be captured.

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Baby/newborn photography:

Magic of special charisma

Elisabeth Zimmermann practices her profession here with particularly high artistic standards: her pictures radiate naturalness, closeness to the earth and harmony, and accessories are used discreetly.

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Precious memories: stylish family photos

Parents, children, grandparents...a family photo shoot is a great opportunity to bring everyone together to tell your family's unique story. With a lot of fun and enthusiasm, we will create an exciting, living work of art with you!


More than just a picture: artistic portrait photos

Do you want to slip into a different role for a day or do you want portrait photos that show who you really are? In any case, you can be sure that we will present you perfectly and create a living work of art together.

Show your sensual side

Would you like sizzling eroticism in seductive underwear or aesthetic nude photos? Our experienced and sensitive photographers will help you to perfectly implement your ideas during the photo shoot and to create beautiful, erotic photo works of art.

A feel for special perspectives:

With a lot of passion and high standards, we work in many areas of advertising photography. No matter whether fashion, catalog or industrial photography, music groups, interior, textile photography, legwear or food. We know what's going on and put your motif in the limelight with fresh ideas, a lot of creativity, solid craftsmanship and the right instinct.


Applications must appear interesting,

to stand out from the crowd. The first glance at an application is the photo, the first impression is decisive!

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