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Vintage outdoor photo shoots

Some FAQ's:

When do these take place:
Appointments are made at short notice (at least 1 week in advance), as these can only take place when the sun is shining. Please contact us by phone, in person or by email to arrange an appointment.

Where do these take place:
The shootings take place at a location by appointment.

How do we have to style ourselves: We have a make-up artist on site who will style your hair appropriately and also apply the ideal make-up for the photos. Braided hair or floral decorations woven into your hair look sweet.

How do we have to dress: Airy dresses for girls and women with a 70s look are always ideal. The color of clothing should be either white, pastel or shades of brown. Strong colors such as red or blue have a disruptive effect on the image. Please do not wear high-heeled shoes as we are in the great outdoors.

What else should we take with us: cloths, a picnic set, a blanket, etc. to enhance the images even further.

How should we prepare for this: Apart from the points mentioned above, nothing at all, the pictures should always appear natural, we will give you the appropriate instructions... and you enjoy.

How long does the shoot last: The shoots start at 4 p.m. and end after sunset. Plan around 2 hours for make-up and the shoot.

How much does a shoot cost: The shoot itself, including styling, costs 162.00. Afterwards you will receive an “index print” = preview of the retouched shots from us. You can then order the products (pictures, enlargements, etc.) from our studio.

Can I also give a shoot like this as a gift? Of course, we have a special voucher for this shoot.

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