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Information for baby bumps and baby shots:

The body changes, new life emerges. During this time, women have a very special charisma.

Maternity photos...

...are a beautiful memory of this very special time. Whether alone, with your partner or with the whole family. Whether erotic, elegant or completely conservative, this will be carried out in a personal, free conversation a few days before the photo shoot in order to be able to respond to your wishes in the best possible way.

Belly photos are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on developments, the shooting should take place from the 30th week. An appointment towards the end of the pregnancy can be a bit stressful, or not possible at all if the birth is premature. Take different items of clothing with you that emphasize rather than hide the baby bump. Underwear, swimwear, a large shirt or loose blouse, a bathrobe or a kimono are particularly suitable for this. If desired, our cooperation with a hairdressing and styling salon can ensure suitable styling.

For expectant mothers and fathers we offer the baby pass with price advantages of at least €185.

Extensive information about baby bumps and baby photography is now available in our podcast series: “MY BABY IS COMING!”

EPISODE 1: Baby bump photos, why not?
EPISODE 2: Newborn shoot and baby pictures - what's the difference?

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stands for the highest level of customer satisfaction and always offers you the following services for all photo shoots in the studio at a package price:

  • Detailed consultation

  • Studio recordings with no time limit

  • Selecting the images immediately after the photo shoot

  • Photo retouching and artistic design

  • Highest quality photos

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