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Do you want your family to appear in photos as they did 20 years ago, grandmother and grandfather sitting, grandchildren next to them, mom and dad obediently lined up behind them, smiling but still expressionless?

Or should these pictures live and show the humor and harmony of a family, should the rascals in the pictures remain the rascals that they actually are?

A few days before the shoot, we will discuss your ideas for the family photos together using examples. These can be dreamy, extraordinary, cheeky, hidden, etc... There are also countless design options for an image (image details, color, black and white, color tones, artistically designed...) that should exactly suit your taste. This conversation will determine what clothing and utensils you should bring with you.

The photo shoot itself takes around 1.5 to 2 hours (varies depending on the effort involved in changing clothes and converting the studio) for, for example, 10 different shots.
Immediately after the shoot, you have the opportunity to look at the images together on the screen and select the images that are subjectively best for you. We can show you the optimal artistic image design right from the start. This gives you the opportunity to choose the number of images and image size.

We then carry out the photo retouching and artistic processing of each individual image. Single images can be completed in up to a maximum of 5 working days, enlargements and special image surfaces in up to 7 working days, and calendars, photo books and other gift items in up to a maximum of 10 working days.


five stars - all inclusive photo studio forever-digital

stands for the highest level of customer satisfaction and always offers you the following services for all photo shoots in the studio at a package price:

  • Detailed consultation

  • Studio recordings with no time limit

  • Selecting the images immediately after the photo shoot

  • Photo retouching and artistic design

  • Highest quality photos

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