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Children and baby photos......

keep track of time. Children grow up quickly.

Photos of children are a wonderful memory as well as desirable and beautiful gifts for every occasion. Once the sleep rhythm has been established after the birth, the appropriate time has come for your first baby photos. For baby photos, it is important to choose the time for the shoot so that the child is not disturbed from its normal daily routine. Therefore, choose a time when the child is normally awake at home and likes to be kept busy. For the shoot itself, personal items such as the first stuffed toy, the first shoes, the first pair of jeans, etc. always provide a good break up for the picture. We take enough time for baby photos; your little one determines the time of smile, hunger and diaper change.

For expectant mothers and fathers we offer the baby pass with price advantages of at least €185.

Comprehensive information about baby bumps and baby photography now available in our podcast series:


EPISODE 1: Baby bump photos, why not?

Babybauchbilder, warum nicht?Elisabeth Zimmermann, Babyfotografin
00:00 / 14:49

EPISODE 2: Newborn shoots - baby shoots

Newbornshooting und Babybilder Elisabeth Zimmermann, Babyfotografin
00:00 / 27:21

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  • Selecting the images immediately after the photo shoot

  • Photo retouching and artistic design

  • Highest quality photos

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